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Red Weed

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Play a game based on one of the scenes in Jeff Wayne's award-winning Musical Version of The War of the Worlds! The Red Weed features music, sounds and video cut scenes from the original musical.❝ The Red Weed began to creep, like a slimy red animal across the land... ❞
Try to stop the slimy Red Weed from spreading over the land as it changes every patch of green grass it touches into red tendrils.
In this board game, use strategy similar to Othello, Reversi, Go, or Ataxx to defend your territory of green grass. The goal of the game is to make your tiles of grass a majority of the tiles on the field, by converting as many of the Red Weed tiles as possible. The quicker you conquer the Red Weed, the more points you score.
Can you stop the Red Weed before it covers every field, and ditch, and hedgerow? Or will your land succumb to the Red Weed?Red Weed is a great Reversi game with mystical setting!
Features:- Video cut scenes, music and sounds from the original musical- Single player or Multiplayer.- Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulty settings.- Multiplayer Hot Seat.- 18 unique board designs.- Obstacles and strategic challenges.- Like Reversi, but more beautiful.- Addictive and fun!
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Use your brain as a weapon against the Martian Red Weed!